Start your university life by saving with discount codes from Laptops Direct, Soak and Sleep and Sainsburys

Posted on 10 Sep 2015 by Anna Scott
University life certainly isn’t as cheap as it used to be what with rising rents and tuition fees, so our Laptops Direct discount codes, Soak and Sleep discount codes and Sainsburys discount codes have never been more required or needed. As well as buying all the basics to help you navigate your way through your new lifestyle, the everyday costs can soon add up, so here are a few tips on how you can buy much of what you need online and save in the process…


Chances are you probably already have a laptop, but if you want to get a better model and can’t really justify the cost, our Laptops Direct promo codes are just what you need. Buying a refurbished laptop can be an ideal solution to this problem and by going through a reputable site or retailer, you know you’re getting a quality product with a guarantee. Our Laptops Direct discount codes can get you 50% off a wide selection of good quality laptops, PCs and tablets in great condition – for example, in their special Student Deals section, you can current purchase a refurbished Acer Aspire ES1-111M Celeron N2840 2GB 32GB SSD 11.6 inch Windows 8.1 Laptop for just £119.18 (was £181.97).



Duck Feather & Down PillowsSlightly less interesting than a bargain laptop but just as essential is your bedding. If you’re going to be living in a student house, bear in mind that the central heating might not be quite as reliable as what you’re used to at home, so a decent quality duvet could be well worth considering. You can order just that and more with our Soak and Sleep promo codes - check out their clearance lines and you can use Soak and Sleep discount codes to get an extra 10% off these sale items (which contain plenty of duvet options) as well as 20% off memory foam pillows – essential if you require a good night’s sleep before an exam!



Thumbnail image for meatball and roasted vegetable pasta bake recipe.Whether you’re already a dab hand in the kitchen or plan on living off beans on toast for the next couple of terms, a saving on your food costs is always welcome, right? Avoid shopping at those expensive local branches and think about ordering the bulk of your groceries online - not only will this help you stick to your budget, but there are also plenty of savings to be had, especially those found on our Sainsburys Groceries promo codes page. Here you can benefit from getting £15 off your first shop when you spend £75 or more, but if you don’t think you’re going to buy that much, perhaps consider splitting the order with one of your housemates so you can share the saving made with these Sainsburys Groceries discount codes.


In addition to our Laptops Direct promo codes, Soak and Sleep promo codes and Sainsburys promo codes there are heaps of other ways to save online when buying all of life’s essentials – make a regular habit of it and you could well have a bit more spending money left over!


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