Support Children with Disabilities and Additional needs by Voting for Brainwave

Posted on 25 Aug 2021 by Amy Jackson

Who is Brainwave?Up to Date Brainwave Logo

Brainwave is a charity dedicated to help children who have disabilities and additional needs to achieve a greater independence by improving their communication skills, improve their mobility and improve their earning potential with the help of specialist therapies. Be it cerebral palsy, down syndrome, autism or any other developmental delays, their programme is seeking to bring the most potential out of these children by providing two full days of engagements with therapists then will receive and provide one day re-assessments every four to six months to ensure that progress is made. By these programmes being able to follow from the comfort of the children’s home, it allows them to successfully improve as they are surrounded by those who love and support them in an environment they know and are comfortable in.


How are Brainwave unique?

The therapists working with Brainwave are professionals with significant experience in physiotherapy, learning development, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy. These professionals work with the children and families to create individually tailored programmes to unlock the child’s potential. These highly qualified therapists have a great amount of time to explain the child’s condition and understand the needs they have by working around your daily schedules and allowing your child to feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Brainwave are also always there for the children and families, no matter how far into the programme you are or what time it is as they believe support should be provided and available in order to bring the most out of your child’s potential. They also provide an in-depth therapy report which can be shared with other professionals so the quality of care for your child can be maximised.


How Can You Support Brainwave?

If you are ready to support the charity and wish to help make a difference in these children’s lives, you can start by voting for them in our September charity poll. This is a quick, effortless and free step you can take to be part of creating a huge impact in these children’s lives. If you have got a couple of hours free on your hands, the charity would be grateful if you were able to take part and fundraise or volunteer in a way that suits you best. Almost anybody can volunteer and once you have found your perfect role, you will have the most rewarding days, knowing that you are working towards something significant so these children can have the best potential in their lives. You are also able to make a donation via their website, or can visit one of their shops for a browse and even donate some goods whilst you are there. For more information on ways to get involved, feel free to visit the Brainwave website

Please cast your vote for the Brainwave who are unlocking Children’s Potential every day! Thank you.

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