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Posted on 30 Jun 2020 by Amy Jackson
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Many people struggle with their dyslexia or with supporting people that have it. The Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity helps people in simple, practical and effective ways that build confidence and unlocks potential.


About Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a difficulty with words which affects a person’s ability to read accurately and fluently. It is a learning difference that has nothing to do with intelligence. Dyslexia can affect all aspects of learning from reading and writing to maths, memory, organisation and concentration. It can range from mild to severe and it’s estimated that one in ten people have dyslexia - 4% of which have it severely.

Dyslexia can be a brilliant gift in many aspects of life – the very fact that people with dyslexia see the world differently means that they are the people more likely to make a difference to the world. It is estimated that 20% of UK business self-starters have dyslexia (Logan, 2015).

The reality for many dyslexics who cannot pay for help is different. Misunderstandings of the dyslexic mind and behavioural traits in school lead to many children being side-lined, with increased mental health issues and lower self-esteem. Their academic results are typically lower, although underlying ability is often high, and career choices can be limited. The right support at the right time is key to helping people reach their full potential and improve the quality of their lives.

About the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity

The charity’s vision is of a future where people with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties have the same opportunities as everyone else. The Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity supports over 1000 children, young people and adults with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties each year through:

  • Specialist consultations, diagnostic assessments, coaching and tuition

  • Courses for parents, children and young people

  • Professional teacher training up to Diploma level

  • Short courses and CPD for teaching professionals

  • In-service training for schools

  • Workplace dyslexia training and support

The charity receives no statutory funding and is working hard to raise funds to help those most in need, particularly those on lower incomes.

This July, the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity are taking part in this month’s charity poll. Please help them be there for more people with dyslexia and cast your vote for them today! If you would like help or to find out more about their work, visit their website.

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