Cast Your Vote for Devon Air Ambulance This July and Help Bring Life Saving Treatment to Patients Who Need It

Posted on 30 Jun 2020 by Amy Jackson
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Independent charity Devon Air Ambulance is there to serve Devon and the surrounding areas. Their enhanced and critical care paramedics bring life saving treatment to patients when every second counts. Devon's two emergency helicopters, based at Exeter Airport and Eaglescott in North Devon enable them to deliver expert care to patients wherever they may be.

They also have two critical care cars which operate when poor weather or essential maintenance prevents the aircraft from flying. These two emergency vehicles contain all of the same life-saving equipment found on board the air ambulance and enable advanced critical care to arrive quickly by road.

The charity’s growing network of floodlit community landing sites enables them to serve communities across the country. In addition, their 19 charity shops are at the heart of many of these communities, providing a valuable service and community hub. They have just celebrated the launch of their 150th community landing site. Their 40,000-strong members’ lottery last year helped to raise over £2 million for the service, along with a network of over 650 volunteers helping in the charity shops, at fundraising events, in head office, and to service the collection boxes throughout the year.


How is Devon Air Ambulance Funded? 

The service receives no Government or National Lottery funding; it exists for and is made possible by the people of Devon and it’s thanks to the generosity of communities, businesses and friends of Devon that this emergency service keeps responding. Past support has prepared Devon Air Ambulance for the future, and the charity now welcomes the new H145 helicopter to the county this summer. The new aircraft replaces the older H135 and is a purchase that has been budgeted for and planned for several years.

Due to Covid-19, many community fundraising events and the charity’s own events have been cancelled this year. Coupled with the fact that their charity shops have also been closed for several months, income has taken a hit, which is why support from communities and businesses matter now more than ever.

This July, you can help Devon Air Ambulance continue to provide their lifesaving care to patients who need it most by voting for them in our charity poll. Cast your vote for Devon Air Ambulance today!

To find out more about Devon Air Ambulance, or to make a donation to support their work, visit their website

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