Hot Summer Essentials You Can’t Be Without Right Now

Posted on 26 Jul 2018 by Anna Scott
If you hadn’t already noticed, it’s a bit balmy out. A little bit warmer than the average British summer time, that’s for sure. It’s now getting to the point where normal summer rules don’t apply. As in, maybe it’s a good idea to stay indoors and try and cool down rather than rip off your shirt and tan yourself in the midday sun? With the hot summer showing no signs of abating in the near future, here are some ways you can stay healthy and hydrated…


A Water Bottle with You at All Times

Yes, drinking water when it’s hot isn’t exactly revelatory, but buying up all the plastic bottles of mineral water from your local corner shop isn’t going to be great for your finances or the environment. If you haven’t got one already now is the time to invest in decent quality reusable water bottles for you and your family. Quality is most definitely the key here as many won’t survive a few turns in the dishwasher, and you can even get designs that keep your water cooler for longer. Staying hydrated AND helping the environment – everyone’s happy.


water bottle


The Obligatory Fan

In hot summer conditions, you often see folk struggling to get that pedestal fan in the boot of their car after driving around for hours trying to find somewhere that has one in stock. And then after a few weeks, they chuck in the loft. They then forget about it the following summer and repeat the process all over again. Browsing online gives you a much better chance of a decent fan, or even a portable air cooler and sites like Argos keep large stocks at this time of year.

And by the way, an air-conditioner isn’t a decadent luxury so don’t feel guilty about buying one. It can be an essential, especially for the elderly, pregnant or those with young children. Remember, people living in hot countries are used to having air conditioning to get them through the day, much like we’re used to having the central heating on 9 months of the year That’s why an incredibly hot summer is so much harder for us Brits when all we can do is open a window and let the flies in.


cooling fan


Comfortable Clothing

There comes a point in a hot, hot summer, where you go beyond the desire to squeeze yourself into a cropped top and denim shorts. Going out becomes less about looking good in the heat and more about ‘how do I survive the journey without losing my body weight in sweat?’ All we care about is staying cool and comfortable, so you might want to forget the figure-hugging garments and go for a cotton midi dress that will actually let your skin breath. Just sayin’.


summer dress


Always Sunscreen, All the Time

Don’t get complacent when it comes to putting on the sunscreen every day. You may have fallen into a false sense of security because you think you don’t need it anymore, maybe because you’ve got a bit of a tan. But it’s even more important to wear it now, and the fact is most people don’t put enough on at the best of times. Don’t rely on foundation that has an SPF as you’re never going to use enough for adequate coverage and put on a decent facial sunscreen as well as your usual moisturiser.


sunbathing in deckchair


Hot Weather Makeup

A lot of people will dispense with makeup altogether in a particularly hot summer, but some people will want or need to stay covered and that’s absolutely fine. However, it’s advisable to mix it up a bit – swap your heavier foundation for a lighter tinted moisturiser or BB cream and go with a waterproof mascara to prevent sweaty smudges.

Also, keeping your foundation (and moisturiser) in the fridge will give you a nice cooling treat in the mornings. If you want to stock up on those summer makeup essentials, then The Body Shop always has lots of great online discounts available to save on your total spend.


sunbathing in park


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