How to Make Easy Easter Treats

Posted on 11 Mar 2016 by Anna Scott
Easter is basically one big treat-fest but with our Sainsburys promo codes, Ocado promo codes and Chocolate Trading Company promo codes you can create even more, and we all know it’s impossible to have too many Easter treats. We think it’s fair to argue that adding chocolate to anything at this time of year transforms it into an Easter treat, but these 2 recipes do have a definite egg theme, along with being incredibly easy to make…


Mini Egg Nests

Thumbnail image for Chocolate nests recipe on Sainsbury's OnlineA variation on the classic rice crispie cake, these are made with shredded wheat so have the added bonus of being slightly healthier.

Just melt 200g of milk chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water (making sure to not let the bottom of the bowl touch the water). Once melted, carefully stir through 80g of crushed shredded wheat. Shape into small nests and place on some greaseproof paper before finishing off by popping 3 mini eggs in the centre of each nest. Leave to chill until set.

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Chocolate Brittle

Amedei milk chocolate couverture drops (pistoles)Ok, so this isn’t as brittle as, say, peanut brittle, but it does make for an alternative way to enjoy your confectionary this Easter, or even a great way of using up any leftover Easter eggs. If you have any left over that is.

Melt 600g of milk chocolate using the method mentioned above. Roughly smash up 2 bags of mini eggs, then stir in the pieces along with a handful of mini marshmallows. Pour the chocolate mix into a lined baking tray, making sure the bottom is covered, then leave to set in the fridge. Once hardened, break up into pieces, large or small, and enjoy!

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Like we said before, just adding chocolate to your favourite recipes can give them that extra Easter spin – Chocolate Hot Cross Buns anyone? – so once you’ve found your perfect Easter treat, make sure you save with our Sainsburys discount codes, Ocado discount codes and Chocolate Trading Company discount codes for the very best Easter value.


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