Cast Your Vote for Seashell Trust This August & Help Provide Care and Support to Children and Young People with Disabilities and Complex Medical Conditions

Posted on 27 Jul 2020 by Amy Jackson
Seashell Trust LogoSeashell Trust cares for children and young people with profound disabilities, sensory impairments and complex medical conditions. This is done through specialist education as well as 52 week residential care. The charity is based in South Manchester and has a 50 acre campus with both a school and college as well as 17 state of the art adapted homes, each accommodating four young people. They also have family accommodation for short visits by families, as well as a swimming pool, sports centre, gym, hydro pool, outdoor gym, 3G pitch and adapted playground.


About Seashell Trust

Seashell Trust takes children and young people from all over the country. All of their children and young people have a degree of brain damage, resulting in profound, multiple and complex disabilities. This includes combinations of visual and hearing impairments, cerebral palsy, down’s syndrome, autism, drug resistant epilepsy, diabetes and digestive disorders requiring tube feeding.

These children and young people are some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the UK. Their complex disabilities affect every aspect of their daily lives, making even the simplest of communication impossible, which has affected the development of key life skills and vital social integration skills. They struggle to communicate their needs and feelings, even with their own families. In too many cases parents of disabled children do not always get the support they need, they are often unable to help their children achieve all that is within their capability – even basic life skills.


What Services Does Seashell Trust Offer?

The charity also offers Short Break (respite) provision for young people whose family may be at breaking point and in need of some time with the other siblings. In addition, their award-winning Children’s Able and Disabled Sports (CADS) Programme brings together over 500 disabled and non-disabled young people to try a range of sports opportunities every year - both in the evenings, at weekends and during school holidays. Many families find this incredibly useful for respite care and are also grateful to find leisure activities that all of their children can participate in together.

Their Family Services Team work with families to build the confidence needed to bring up a severely disabled child.They also support them to understand their rights and advocate on their behalf to give them a voice that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Seashell Trust have also recently launched a Stay & Play scheme for babies and toddlers at which their parents and carers can learn to engage with their infant to improve their development of early communication, exploration, movement and independence. This early intervention has proved incredibly successful and has filled a gap in provision to these families as surprisingly, there is very little care or support at this age.

Finally, the charity’s Outreach Team work hard to provide training and support to Schools and Local Authorities across the country from autism awareness to sleep workshops.

Seashell Trust is one of our four charities competing in our August poll. Show your support for them and help them to win 20% of this month’s profits by casting your vote for them today. For more information on the charity, visit or follow their social media for regular news on their work.

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