Support People Impacted by Autism this March with En-Fold

Posted on 06 Mar 2023 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
En-Fold is a small charity providing an essential service to those impacted by autism across Northamptonshire. This March they are taking part in the Discount Promo Codes charity poll. Find out more about how your support can benefit the autistic community and their families below. 

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“The welcome arms for those seeking
information, training and support around autism”

The vision behind En-Fold

En-Fold is born out of lived experience which continues to be the central focus of how the organisation operates.  The founder of En-Fold had a baffling journey to adulthood often confused by social rules, humour and unpredictability. Having 3 children, 2 of whom are on the spectrum has fuelled her desire to see how the world of Autism is understood. 

As an organisation, En-Fold recognise that going through the diagnostic pathway is a long and challenging process resulting in questions as well as answers. Parents and carers of children and young people get lost in the diagnostic system leaving them confused and isolated after the process has ended.

They want to ensure that all children, via support to their parents, can access the best services, information and support for them. They also want to ensure all individuals receiving a diagnosis in adulthood find the right information and support.

They act as system navigators to ensure better support, better communication, and most importantly connect individuals and families to the right support for them. All people deserve an equal chance to flourish.


What support does En-Fold Provide?

Autism Support Service

Their support service includes 4-6 sessions of individually tailored support in the home or virtually. They offer practical support around: 

  • Understanding what autism means for the individual and their family.

  • Understanding behaviour and meltdowns, including sensory needs and some strategies to support. 

  • Support around education and understanding the system, including the EHCP process.

  • Support around associated disability related benefits

  • Information sharing on organisations, support groups, specifically tailored to the individual needs.  

This can be followed by access to their mentoring/befriending service with one of their trained volunteers for a further 3 months of support for the individual and their family. 

Support groups

They have various adult social support groups across the county for people aged 16+ with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), providing individuals with a safe space to come and meet other people in similar situations, get involved in various activities and have some fun. 

They have their Young Persons Autism Advice Project (YAAP) which is for young people aged 11-25 with ASC to get together twice a month, and have a say on matters and in the development of services that affect them.

In addition there is their High Five parents support group, which is a Facebook group, but also meets once a month in person, where parent/carers of children and young people with ASC can meet other parents in similar situations. They also offer various outings in school holidays for families that access the group.


Their Autism training is delivered by experts by experience, to organisations, schools or parent groups, to give a better understanding of Autism and its impact on the people they support.

Peer Support

They offer Peer Support as part of the Northamptonshire Keyworking Service, working alongside Barnardo’s and commissioned by the NHS. Peer support offers support to children and young people aged up to 25 years and their families with Autism and/or a Learning Disability who are at risk of admission to a mental health hospital or specialist provision. The aim of this project is to avoid/reduce admission where possible and increase well-being, independence and confidence leading to a more fulfilling life.  


How can you support En-Fold

As a charity they rely on grants and donations to enable them to continue to deliver their services for free and to reach more people. By supporting them you can help them to support more families who need them and rely on their services. 

You can support them by voting for them in the Discount Promo Codes charity poll this March, making a donation online, visiting their team at events, or taking part in a fundraising activity for them. 


How to contact En-Fold

You can get in touch with the En-Fold team via email at [email protected] or online via their Facebook page. 


How to find out more about En-Fold

To find out more please visit their website which has lots of information about their services as well as helpful links to other organisations. 

You can also visit their Facebook page: En-Fold Northamptonshire Autism support, where you can keep up to date with what is going on. 

If En-Fold have your vote this March, then head over to the Discount Promo Codes homepage to cast your free vote for this incredible charity today. They rely on donations such as the one that the winning charity will receive, so make sure to vote by the 31st March and share the poll with your friends, family and colleagues. 

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