Vote for Kinergy This October and Help Provide Vital Support to Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence

Posted on 21 Sep 2020 by Amy Jackson
Kinergy is a specialist counselling agency that offers support for survivors of sexual abuse and sexual violence. Serving Bristol and surrounding areas, Kinergy is approaching its 25th year and is experienced in providing specialist counselling for the deep and far reaching effects of sexual abuse and rape. Knowing how trauma can affect all areas of a person’s life, they aim to provide a safe, accepting and supportive environment where people can come to terms with the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. They offer support through one to one trauma-trauma informed counselling, group therapy, a writing group, and psycho educational groups. Additionally, they offer a monthly coffee morning support group for survivors and their family, friends, partners, thus reducing the isolating impact of abuse.

Kinergy sees over 80 individual clients every week, and each client is offered 24 counselling sessions. Last year, they offered a total of over 3,000 sessions. Clients are also able to receive 12 group sessions. The clients that visit the agency are often very vulnerable and have complex mental health issues. 72% of clients have had suicidal thoughts before starting counselling, while 42% have attempted suicide in the past.


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Kinergy’s Mission

Kinergy’s mission is to support and make a real difference to the lives of all genders and ages from 16+ who have experienced any form of sexual abuse or sexual violence. They aim to lessen the trauma and long term experience of abuse, enabling survivors to recover safely and develop strength and resilience.


- To believe, listen, support, and empower.

- To address the impact of sexual violence on a victim’s emotional wellbeing and the negative impact this has on family and friends and the wider community.

- To empower the individual to reduce the negative impact of sexual violence on their own life and help them to re-engage with community life.


Why Kinergy Needs Your Support

The impact of Covid-19 has been profound at Kinergy. Services were temporarily halted, and some vulnerable clients have had to pause their counselling if unable to undertake telephone or online support. The charity worked tirelessly to secure funding and develop a robust online counselling system to continue seeing as many clients as possible, as well as offering temporary support to those on the waiting list. This system ensures they can reach future clients who may be unable to travel to their building, thus making the charity more inclusive, an ongoing priority.

For many vulnerable clients, Covid-19 has exacerbated their trauma. For anyone experiencing domestic abuse, their situation may have been worsened and for those suffering with their mental health as a result of past trauma, lockdown has pushed some from ‘coping’ into crisis. While the charity is dealing as best as they can with the crisis, the demand for their services far outweighs the resources they have. As a charity that relies on donations, Kinergy needs your support. They require further funding and resources to enable them to expand their services to support the increasing number of vulnerable clients on an ever-growing waiting list. This October, Kinergy are one of our three charities taking part in our poll. Please cast your vote for them in order to help them win 20% of our profits.

Find out more about Kinergy by visiting their website:

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