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Posted on 01 Jun 2022 by Amy Jackson

About Aid Box Community (ABC)

Aid Box Community (ABC) is a Bristol-based humanitarian organisation set up by a group of ordinary people in response to the continuing refugee crisis. Our aim is to uphold the basic rights of refugees and people seeking asylum in Bristol by providing support, supplies, and sanctuary. We do this by providing practical support, wellbeing and signposting services, and a sense of community with the objective of alleviating financial burdens and facilitating integration.

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Our Services

  • We have a Free Shop & Welcome Hub, where forcibly displaced people can access a choice of free, quality items that include food, nappies, toiletries, clothes, toys, and household/electrical items. The objective of our Free Shop is to create a sense of dignity and provide emergency/practical aid.

  • We run Activity Groups, which are safe spaces where people can come to be part of our community through several wellbeing activities. These include sewing, arts and crafts, cycling, football, swimming, cooking, and yoga. We further provide retreats and trips to our service users and their families.

  • We run a 10-week befriending programme called 'Aid Box Connections' that connects local people with our community of people settling in Bristol for friendship. The objective is to alleviate isolation and refer our service users to partner refugee charities when the need arises.

Our Story

Aid Box started as a grassroots project in 2015 when Imogen Mcintosh, after seeing the image of young Alan Kurdi's body washed up on the Mediterranean shore, was not able to look away. She and other friends collected thousands of donations strategically packed in Aid Boxes with all essential items for forcibly displaced people to receive when they arrived in French refugee camps. 350 Aid Boxes, hundreds of tents, sleeping bags, food boxes, and building materials were taken to Dunkirk Refugee camp to attend to the basic needs of those who had been stranded there.

As numbers in the camp grew, what became Aid Box Convoy continued to coordinate volunteers and donations on the camp, fundraise and raise awareness across the UK and Europe of the plight of refugees. Having come back to Bristol in 2017 and witnessing the poverty, isolation, and trauma that many people seeking safety were experiencing once they had reached the UK, Aid Box Community became a registered charity with the goal of supporting the local thousands of refugees and people seeking asylum in Bristol.

Please support Aid Box  Community this month, and for additional information or to donate, visit our website:

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