How to Find Wedding Presents Online

Posted on 19 Apr 2017 by Anna Scott
The wedding list has fallen out of fashion in recent years, and this often leaves us with a bit of a present dilemma – what do you buy the modern couple who probably have everything they need already? Many brides and grooms-to-be make it a bit easier by requesting donations to charities, or contributions towards their honeymoon fund, but if they are your close friends, you want to give them a genuine surprise, or even just something genuinely useful in the home, finding the perfect gift can be tricky. Shopping with an online department store could provide some solutions, but if you want to narrow down your search, here are a few tips…


Bride and groom


Current Deals and Offers

There’s nothing wrong with trying to save a bit of money on that perfect gift, and online savings such as Debenhams discount codes are a pretty good place to start. Most deals centre around their current price cuts and sale items divided by category and with wedding presents in mind, there are often good prices to be found on kitchenware, tech and home furnishings. It’s also possible to find straight discount on your total order, something that helps with cost but not in the task of narrowing down that wedding gift search, unfortunately.


The Latest Home Gadgets

New tech is rarely out of the news these days, and with much of it focused on making your home life more convenient, this very much falls into the realm of wedding present territory. Department stores like Debenhams now have this shopping category covered too, and you can use Debenhams promo codes to save on items like smart home systems with night vision cameras, home hubs that link wi-fi with devices around the house and Bluetooth speakers – all incredibly useful for any new homemakers.


Home Furnishings

Now, this category might be more suitable if you know the couple in question fairly well because you don’t want to risk buying them an item that not to their taste (although this is where gift receipts come in handy). But if you’re pretty confident you know what they like, then online department stores offer a wide range of designer homeware brands with everything from chic bar stools to Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Granted, some of these larger items you might not be able to transport to the ceremony and reception yourself, but they will be worth the wait when they get home.


Gift Experiences

Everyone is getting in on the gift experience game these days and it’s easy to see why – has there ever been a more convenient present to buy someone? They get an opportunity to something out of the ordinary and all you really have to do is take a few minutes to fill in your credit cards details. There’s not even any wrapping involved! Gift experiences are also make the perfect wedding gift for the modern couple – we live in an age when very few engaged people don’t live together and won’t be furnishing their home from scratch, so why would they need a new toaster? Unless they’ve specifically asked for a new toaster, of course. You might be surprised to learn that Debenhams now offer a wide choice of gift experiences to choose from including weekend breaks, rally driving, vineyard tours and trips to the theatre, so we’re sure you’ll find something to please whatever the bride and groom like doing in their spare time.


So the modern wedding gift conundrum doesn’t have to be as much of a headache as you might think. Shopping with an online department store like Debenhams might not seem like a good way to narrow down your options initially, but if you take some of our gift ideas and run with them, we’re sure the happy couple will be more than happy with your picks.


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