Amazon Dash Introduces Push Button Tech for Ordering Home Essentials

Posted on 31 Aug 2016 by Anna Scott
Another day, another Amazon shopping story, although this one is looks a little less problematic that the prospect of Amazon drones. Securing its place at the forefront of shopping innovation (or at least at the forefront of headline grabbing), Amazon Dash is set to launch push button technology so we can order our home essentials, quite literally at the push of a button. Yes, even though we love the internet, Amazon now want us to bypass it altogether! Ok, perhaps not completely altogether, but Amazon Dash plans to launch buttons for 40 different brands for customers in the UK, Germany and Austria, letting us order things like toilet roll and dishwasher tablets when we’re running low and then receiving them within 24 hours.

Whether this is a useful addition to household management or a crafty way for a retail giant to infiltrate itself into our lives to an even greater extent is a matter for debate, but not here and not today. Right now, we’re going to imagine a world in which push buttons will actually help in a number of different tricky life situations, not including running out of loo paper…


When You Forget Someone’s Birthday

Gifts and presentsOr anniversary, or anything gift-related that requires a swift present purchase at very short notice. For this situation, a push button that has been pre-programmed to select suitable presents for your nearest and dearest in a gift emergency would be very useful indeed. But until that happens, we have things like Red Letter Days promo codes, which are the next best thing.


When You Require Chocolate But Don’t Have Any

Chocolate barThere are certain situations where chocolate is the only answer, but more often than not you don’t have any to hand when you need it most. So what about a button that, once pushed, will deliver your favourite chocolate to your door within the hour? A bit of an ask we know, but an incredibly useful service nevertheless. Would also work for alcohol.


When You Need a Matching Pair of Socks

Patterned socksYou know the feeling. You’ve overslept, you’re rushing to get dressed and the only socks you can find are either mismatched, have an inappropriate design on them or have huge holes in. Or all three at once. This is where we need a push button that delivers a new pair of matching socks, either to your front door before you leave for work, or to your desk for once you arrive. Ok, so Matalan discount vouchers will do for the time being, but dare we hope for this sock service at some point in the future?


When Your Need Your Favourite Takeaway

Fries and sauceOk, so a slightly more primitive version of this service already exists, and even if you don’t want to go to the trouble of actually speaking to someone to order your food, various apps now make it possible to re-order your favourites in a few clicks. But imagine how great a push button service would be - you go into the kitchen, you open the fridge, you realise you have no food in it, you reach over to the wall and push a button, then you sit and wait. No screens or talking necessary. The ultimate lazy person innovation.


Whether a world of push button shopping is in our future or not, remember we still have Amazon promotional codes if we want to take advantage of all their offers whilst still keeping them at a reasonably safe distance…

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