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TVC-Mall UK Discount Promo Codes

Looking for an online store to source all of your favourite phone accessories, be sure to shop at TVC Mall. This brand stocks everything from phone cases, chargers, adaptors and watches to phone sterilizers, earphones and ipad cases. You can find top brand accessories from cell phone companies such as Huaweii, Baesus, Nillkin, NXE and many more. You can use our TVC Mall promo codes to shop all of these top accessories at the lowest prices. The company was founded in 2008 and is now one of the largest and preferred worldwide phone accessory wholesale companies. The brand is built on a foundation of exemplary customer services which ensures the entire business performs at the top of its game. Their dedicated service team is available 24/7 to answer your queries and provide informed recommendations. TVC Mall’s expert team of buyers also work to source the most sought after accessories on the cell phone market so you can get your pick of the very best products. So, why not get access to every accessory you could possibly need and use our TVC Mall discount codes to reduce the price of your order. 


Why shop at TVC Mall? 

So, what makes TVC Mall stand out from other cell phone accessory companies? 

Delivery: This company promises all of their customers a prompt and efficient delivery system. Don’t worry about waiting ages for your new phone case when all of their products are shipped in 1-3 days. You will also receive regular updates on the status of your order via text or email. 

Experience: You will not find a more experienced retailer in the cell phone accessory market.This brand has a wealth of 10 years experience in customer cooperation, supply chain improvement and have served over a million customers. 

Brands: TVC Mall works with one of the largest ranges of brands in the industry to ensure all the products they offer are both desirable and high quality. With over 35 leading brands available to shop on their site, you won't find better variety anywhere else. 

Lowest prices: As a wholesale business, this company is able to offer its customers the lowest possible prices. By developing close working relationships with their stock providers, TVC Mall is able to negotiate competitive pricing and maintain the maximum profits of its customers. 


How to make extra savings using our TVC Mall discount codes

Who doesn't love getting even more money off great quality products? Get competitively priced goods for even less when you use our TVC Mall discount vouchers. Our site always displays all of the latest codes and vouchers, so you can secure even more money off your basket. You can also earn TVC points to get money off too. Any order over $200 qualifies for points and once you acquire a specific amount of points, they can be converted into money off your order. As well as shopping on the site, There are other ways to collect points such as registering to the brand newsletter, registering with the site and leaving reviews on the site. You can read more about the point system here. 


Bestselling Gadgets & Technology

TVC Mall stocks over 40,000 different products on their site and with so much choice, it can be hard to know which phone accessory to purchase first. Here are some of the bestselling products on the site for inspiration:

0.3mm Glass Screen Guard Film: Forget a clunky phone case when you can protect your phone with a glass screen guard. Keep your phone looking sleek and stylish whilst also protecting the screen from cracks and damage with this tempered glass solution. The film is made from real glass that has been chemically processed to have a high transparency and a touch feeling. This exact model is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy A51, however, TVC Mall stock these glass screens for a variety of different phone models.  

Disposable Alcohol Cotton Pads: It’s no secret that phone screens are a hotbed for bacteria but how often are you cleaning your cell phone? With these handy cotton pads, you can easily wipe down your phone screen at the end of day and prevent the transferal of bacteria. With an alcohol content of 75%, these pads successfully eliminate germs and their separate packing means they’re great for carrying when on the go. 

18 inch LED Ring Light: Set up your home studio in style with this professional ring light. Don’t mess around with unpredictable natural lighting and instead invest in a ring light that will make your photos and videos look professional every time. You can adjust both the brightness and warmth of the light to meet your shooting requirements. The light also has a phone clip for you to mount your smartphone onto the device. It really is a must-have starting light for any photographer or video content creator. 


How to contact TVC Mall 

For all enquiries, contact the company on whatsapp: 0033 615139178, live chat or email at You can also keep up with all the latest products and deals via their social media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube.

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