Slendertone Discount Promo Codes - June 2019

Slendertone Discount Promo Codes

Get Toned the Right Way with Slendertone Discount Codes

Every little helps, right? Well, Slendertone promotional codes not only help you with your exercise regime but save you a bit of money too. You may have already heard about those ab workout belts that you can strap to your torso, and you might also assume them to be a quick fix solution. But they are quick to emphasise that their products work best when used as part of a healthy lifestyle and exercise plan for the best results. Their products use clinically proven electrical muscle stimulation technology (EMS) to work the band of muscles around your abdomen while you can carry out other activities, so if you’re planning an exercise overhaul, perhaps consider using Slendertone promo codes to save on one of their helpful items that could contribute to your fitness.

Tone Up with the Latest Fitness Technology 

Although the technology that strengthens your abs is probably the best known from their range, Slendertone discount codes also get you access to products that can work muscles in other parts of your body. You can use them, not only Ab Belts, but also Bottom Toners, Arm Toners and Facial Toners. They also appreciates the fact that men and women come in different shapes and sizes, and you can save on the Men’s Arm Toner or Women’s Toner. You can choose products based on the area of the body you wish to tone such as the Face, Bottom, Arms and of course Abs.

You can also choose the perfect toning product for you in a number of other ways, such as first deciding on your goal. Do you want to reduce your waistline, increase your core strength, or get your pre-baby bod back? Once you determine your goal you can find the products which can help you achieve it best. Getting the right product can also be helped by using inspirational parts of their "Be Inspired" section which houses a range of other helpful tips on how their products work. They have a selection of "Real User Stories" which have a huge range of real life stories from customers who have enjoyed their products before, "Training Videos" which are great to see just how the products work and what workouts you can do to get the most out of them, and finally "Meet the Experts" which is full of interviews and advice from top trainers and fitness experts. With so many inspiring stories, helpful tips and useful advice about this innovative fitness technology, you can be sure Slendertone promotional codes are worth it!


Delivery & Returns Options

They offer types of delivery depending on the value of your order. If spending less than £90, they offer FREE standard delivery which means your purchase will arrive at the destination within 2 working days (if on mainland UK). Because of the higher value involved, items costing more than £90 will be sent by FREE Express Delivery which means they will arrive on the next working day and will be tracked.

If once you recieve your items, you aren't happy with them for any reason, then you can get in touch with the customer service team to organise a return. Their team can then discuss whether you want a replacement product, exchange or a full refund. All products to be returned must be clearly labelled with the return tracking code (which they will give you) and returned with the controller unit.

Contact Details

With specialist products such as these, it’s understandable that you might have a few questions before using Slendertone promo codes, and you can contact the Customer Care team on 0345 070 77 77 or email them on if this is the case. If you want to contact them by post, please address to their UK office at: Slendertone, 4th Floor, 33 Cannon Street, London, EC4M, 5SB

Seeing the products in action might help you decide which ones you want to save on, and their  Facebook,  Twitter  and Instagram accounts contain lots of examples of the toners at work and the results they can achieve. And if you want to go one step further, take a look at the videos on their YouTube channel which gives you demonstrations how their toners can help different parts of your body.

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