Mur Hotels Promo Codes - June 2019

Mur Hotels Discount Promo Codes

Let Mur Hotels Promo Codes Find You A Great Holiday in Gran Canaria

Lucky for us there are many different types of resort holiday. There are those in large all-singing, all-dancing resorts, and then there are those smaller hotels that offer a more personalised vacation. Mur Hotels is a family-owned chain that specialise in smaller resorts located on Gran Canaria and neighbouring island, Fuerteventura. Their hotels include the Gran Canaria-based Mur Hotel Neptuno which is for adults only and the Hotel Faro Jandia & Spa on Fuerteventura if you’d like a more relaxing holiday. There are all inclusive options available when booking with Mur Hotels discount codes, or if you prefer seclusion, you can book one of their luxury bungalows on their other resort located on Fuerteventura. Booking your holiday direct with the hotel is by far the easiest way, getting you more information and a better level of pre-holiday customer service. But this doesn’t have to be the costlier avenue to go down, not when you take advantage of these benefits on the Mur Hotels site…

Join the Mur Club for Discounts: If you’ve definitely decided to book a holiday with our Mur Hotels promotional codes, the first thing you need to do is join the Mur Club. First off, this can save you an extra 10% on direct bookings. Secondly, members enjoy free airport transfers, so that’s one less thing you have to pay for and organise. And lastly, you can to checkout late! There’s nothing quite like a lie-in before catching that flight. Once you register, you’ll also receive news of exclusive offers that you won’t see on their site – it’s a win-win situation.

Save with the Latest Offers: If you’ve not quite made up your mind yet, let their special offers tempt you further. Use our Mur Hotels discount codes to access free spa treatments and airport transfers to make your holiday that bit more rewarding (not that it won’t be already, but every little bit helps).

Subscribe to their Email Newsletter: You’ll be kicking yourself if you end up missing out on any particularly good bargains or deals, because sometimes it’s just not possible to check in with our Mur Hotels promotional codes pages every day (it’s ok, we forgive you). However, one way around this is to sign up to receive their email newsletter. We all check our inboxes, right? This means you’ll catch those extra special Mur Hotels offers when they drop!


Find the Best Mur Hotels Contact for Your Query

Whether you want to get in touch with one of their hotels directly or have a general query regarding booking with Mur Hotels promo codes, their contact page can point you in the right direction. Get in touch with their head office on +34 928 296 666 or by emailing or view the contact details of individual resorts right here.

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