Timing is Everything: How You could be Missing out on Great Offers

Posted on 01 Oct 2017 by Julian House
In the UK, 51% of us like shopping online more than we enjoy shopping in person, says a study detailed by https://ecommercenews.eu/51-uk-consumers/. More than £13 billion is spent each year on online grocery shopping alone in this country, and you can likely add on a few more billion for products such as electronics, entertainment, and clothes which can all be purchased online too.

However, while we've nailed the convenience thing, some of us could be spending more than we need to by not knowing about how to get great online offers. Timing is everything and if you time things right, you could land yourself a brilliant deal.


Limited-time deals

For online companies, limited-time deals are a good way to get their most loyal customers to spend money with them. Supermarkets and other stores may also hold limited-time sales events as they try to get rid of stock they don't need or to muster up excitement around a new product.
It's not just supermarket and retail goods, however, as the gaming industry also follows suit when it comes to strong deals. For example in the online casino sector, companies such as online casino Paddy Power hold limited-time jackpots and free spin offers; as can be found at: https://games.paddypower.com/c/jackpot-slots. Some of its slot games, such as Gold Frenzy and Mystery Reels, offer higher potential payouts for that day only.
So, whether you're enjoying a game online or doing some shopping, be ready to visit your favourite site every day to see what offers they have on offer that might be timing out soon!


Best before dates

Another thing that shows that timing is everything is best before dates. When a product gets close to its best before date or is a few days over it, supermarkets don't always just throw the product away. If it's something that keeps for a long time, and won't go off in a few days such as fruit, vegetables, and confectionery items, they may sell it to customers at a lower price.
You can find these best before deal sections in supermarkets or, if you go online, there are also sites that only sell these out of date products. The people at https://10ways.com/save/food-drink/, have put together an article about this. They show us which of these sites have the best deals, and how to squeeze the most out of every last penny you've divvied up for your weekly grocery shop.


Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are used by retailers to get you to keep coming back again and again. While shopping in only one place can mean that you don't see deals from other retailers, loyalty programs can also be a good and easy way to save money on things you buy more often.
Most supermarkets have loyalty programs but they aren't the only ones in the loop. An article at divante.com/blog/top-10-ecommerce-loyalty-programs/, explains that shoppers can get free beauty classes, monthly gifts, and early access to sales by signing up to the loyalty programs offered by places such as Swarovski, and Amazon. Having early access to sales is really helpful if the products you like are often expensive and sell out quickly when a deal is available.
You can save so much money by researching and acting quickly. You can start by looking at the typical price of a product or service and comparing it to a limited-time sales deal, and you may effectively halve your spending.

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