How to Shop for Vegan Food

Posted on 18 Mar 2021 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
Having a vegan friend over for dinner? Catering a vegan event? Or perhaps you are thinking of going vegan yourself! Well, finding out how to shop for vegan food before embarking on your vegan shop is essential. Not only will it save you time wandering the supermarket aisles, but it will ensure you don’t end up with unsuitable products. From saving money with MyVegan discount vouchers to label checking, you won’t be caught short with our guide to shopping for vegan food.

vegan food meal

  1. Look At the Labels

Vigilant label checking is a superpower of any long-term vegan, as many foods still do not label foods as vegan or non-vegan. Whereas nowadays many foods do have clear labels such as ‘vegan’ or vegetarian on them, this is often not the case. Having a quick scan of the ingredients list ensures you won’t end up accidentally purchasing something unsuitable. Remember that dairy free or meat free does not necessarily mean vegan, and sometimes hidden ingredients can catch you off guard! When checking labels, allergens will often be in bold or listed at the bottom, so make sure to check for this first.

vegan label check supermarket

  1. Shop Online

Shopping online has become the most popular way of buying groceries due to the numerous benefits from cost to convenience. But as well as online shopping offering low prices, for those of us with special diets, it is so much easier than wandering around shops and supermarkets trying to find something we can eat! When shopping online you can search for specific terms such as vegan, plant based and dairy free, as well as filter search results to find just what you are looking for. Plus, its so much easier than reading the ingredients of everything you pick up.

  1. Check Out the Free-From Aisles

The first port of call for any plant-based shopper is to explore your regular supermarkets free from aisles. Both the big supermarkets and smaller express stores have free from isles which will often include a range of allergen and vegan friendly foods. Here you can find a variety of foods including ready meals, snacks, desserts and staples from both the supermarkets own brand and large vegan brands. Be careful though, as free from aisles also often contain foods suitable for allergy sufferers such as gluten free and dairy free – hence the title of ‘free from’ – so be sure to check the ingredients if a product is not labelled vegan.

vegan free from aisle supermarket

  1. Get Recommendations on Social Media

This secret shopping tip is something that not many new vegans really think of, unless you are well versed in the world of social media. There are plenty of handy Facebook groups you can join such as Accidentally Vegan UK and Vegan Supermarket Finds UK where members can share vegan food items they’ve found on their food shop! Get advice and recommendations of what to pick up at your local supermarket, and you can even ask members what they would advise are essentials for new vegans or for someone looking for a gift for their friend. Many of these groups accept vegans and non-vegans alike, often helping those who just need to pick up a quick vegan meal for a friend.

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