4 Ideas to Help You Get More From Mobile Gaming

Posted on 25 Oct 2017 by Julian House


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Whether it is a game of Candy Crush on the bus home from work or settling down on the sofa in front of Clash of Clans, so many of us enjoy playing mobile games these days. A number of different experiences can now be accessed via the touch of a button and it truly is a far cry from when gaming was once regarded as somewhat of a niche pastime.

In fact, research released by Activision Blizzard Media and Newzoo earlier this year revealed that an estimated 2.4 billion people are expected to enjoy mobile gaming this year alone, with games being among the top three most-used app types on our smartphones and tablets. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the study found that Candy Crush Saga was the most popular mobile title, ahead of other favourites including the AR-infused Pokemon Go, the all-out action of Fortnite and the fun puzzles of Angry Birds.

But, while the pastime might be hugely popular, are there any good mobile gaming deals out there that you could be taking advantage of? Here we offer up a few of our suggestions on how you could go about taking your mobile gaming to a whole new level.

Try Apple Arcade
So many of us are used to paying subscriptions to access film and TV content, so why not do the same for mobile gaming? Apple Arcade offers unlimited access to more than 100 games for a monthly cost of £4.99, while you can also have a free one-month trial of the service too. It is completely ad-free and you can also download titles to play either online or off.

Get a casino bonus
If you’re a fan of casino gaming, why not sign up to one of the many sites which offer such experiences? As this page on online casino best promotions from Paddy Power shows, new players on such sites can often access generous welcome bonuses to get their gaming off to a good start. The services are also often available via mobile sites and apps, meaning you can easily play wherever you want.

Embrace gaming on Facebook
There is more to Facebook these days than just updating your status and scrolling through endless posts on your timeline, as the platform also offers a host of different games. From sports games like 8 Ball Pool to puzzlers such as Majong Trails, there are plenty of experiences available if you want to keep your gaming costs low.

Enjoy some Prime perks

A relatively recent development, Amazon is now offering free in-game items for mobile titles to its Prime members. The retail giant kicked off the deal by making a host of items available for the popular mobile version of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and perks related to other games are expected to be unveiled in the months ahead.

Great deals to enjoy
Mobile gaming has come a long way since the days of Snake and, as all of the above demonstrates, there are plenty of great deals out there for players to enjoy. Whether you’re a beginner in this world or an experienced old hand, we hope our ideas help you get more from your gaming.

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